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Squelch is a game I made for PalmOS in 2000. I used to sell it as shareware on a site called PalmGear for $5, and believe it or not, people would occassionally buy it at that price.

The game is not something I invented. It was a game my co-workers and I played at the office and we would gamble our spare change on it. At one point we also each wrote a program to play the game and those programs competed against each. The AI in this game is based on that program I wrote for our office competition.

How to play Squelch

Each turn you must collect points or you lose all your points for that turn. This is a Squelch. To collect points, you may tap on any 1s, 5s, 3 of kinds, 123456s, or 3 pairs. You may then keep rolling or end turn. End Turn will save your points that turn. When a player reaches 5000 points the other player gets one more turn to win.


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Download Squelch

To download Squelch, click here.