Head Coach

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Download Head Coach for PalmOS

Head Coach is a game I made for PalmOS in 2000. I used to sell it as shareware on a site called PalmGear for $7, and believe it or not, people would occassionally buy it at that price.

This game was inspired by a BASIC game found in the book BASIC Computer Games which I typed in on my family’s Tandy 1000 SX at some point during my childhood.

How to play Head Coach

Head Coach is a portable American Football game. The basic idea is to take the ball to your end zone, and keep the other team from doing the same. If you manage to get the ball to your end zone, you will score 7 points. If you kick a field goal successfully, you get 3 points. If you drive the opposing team’s offense to your end zone, that is a safety and you get 2 points. If you play a season, you play nine games, and if your team is in the top two teams, you get to play in the Championship Bowl.

Download Head Coach

To download Head Coach, click here.