Babelhut was a blog created by my friend Thomas and myself to document our language learning journey online. Our about page from the site said this: is a small space devoted to language and language learning. We, the authors, write about our experiences on the path to fluency in our target languages and about other language-related topics that interest us.

Posting on Babelhut helped to keep us motivated with our language learning as we were sharing our progress with each other and with the world. We quickly began to make friends with other language learning bloggers.

Our work on Babelhut led to the creation of RhinoSpike.

Over time, we focused our attention on RhinoSpike and we stopped writing posts on Babelhut. At some point, the domain name didn’t get renewed and Babelhut disappeared into the ether.

I’m not sure when, but at some point someone else registered the domain and has put up their own language learning blog. I don’t know this person, or if he is aware of the previous incarnation of I wish him well on his language learning journey.

Below is a list of my posts which were originally written on