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I had once assumed that if I were to learn a constructed language, it would be Esperanto. It seems to be the most popular conlang out there, with several studies done on its effectiveness on improving language-aquisition skills. But last week my brother reminded me what assuming does and convinced me to start learning Lojban with him. Lojban is described as a logical language with unambiguous grammar, so it should be easier to learn than a natural language.

Lojban.org describes the features of the language as such:

Why learn it?

Everyone’s reasons for learning a particular language are personal, whether that language is natural or constructed. For my brother and I, we have always had similar interests, including an interest in learning other languages, but we’ve never agreed on a language to learn. I took German in high school, he took French. I primarily study Spanish now, he studies Japanese on occasion. With both of us studying Lojban, we now have a language that we both study together, and in theory requires less time and energy than a natural language to learn. Hopefully this means we can quickly be effective in communicating with each using Lojban.

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