Barra de Español has been accepted to Mozilla's public addon list

I got an email today from the Mozilla Add-ons group that my add-on for Firefox, Barra de Español, has been approved to be in the public listing for Firefox add-ons! This means that it’s no longer listed as “experimental” and no longer requires that users check a box in order to install it.

I was a bit surprised by how long this process took. I nominated it when I released version 1.1 on June 7. 83 days later it was accepted, and during those 83 days I had no feedback as to what was going on. A week or two ago I visited an IRC chat room for add-on developers and was told that 2 or 3 months was pretty common. Recently Mozilla released a statistics dashboard that shows how many add-ons get created or updated daily. I’m not sure how many reviewers Mozilla has, but it makes more sense why it takes as long as it does now that I can see those numbers.

Regardless, I’m happy my little add-on has been accepted and I definitely have plans to enhance it in the future.