Anki 2.0, Esperanto, and GitHub

Recently, I had become aware that Anki 2.0 was in beta through my friend Tom, who is working on making some changes to the MCD Support plugin so that it supports languages like Spanish as well as it does Japanese. Despite this awareness, it never crossed my mind that I might need to update the Esperanto Support addon that I wrote a couple years ago until I received an email from Damien Elmes, the author of Anki, that it was time to look at doing so.

I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to finally get on GitHub, since this project is very small and would not require a lot of work to move it to its new home. The process of getting setup on GitHub was pretty easy thanks to their excellent documentation.

Also easy was upgrading my code to work with Anki 2.0. Although the code needed significant changes, the excellent documentation for writing addons for Anki 2.0 had everything I needed to know. If this documentation existed for the older version of Anki, I never saw it, so I’m glad that an obvious effort was put into creating it.

The Esperanto Support addon for Anki 2.0 is available for download from, or just browse the add-on list within Anki and you will find it. If you want to see the source, it now lives at